Gift card


* You can buy an gift card with some simple steps online or in the physical store.

* You can choose a gift card from 10 euro to 200 euro.

* There is no time limit on when the gift card is expired.

* You can use your gift card online on or our physical store buying any of the products you want.

* As long as you buy a gift card, you will receive an e-mail that your gift card has been received from the recipient.

* If you try to use your gift card at checkout and your transaction is not completed, please check the number of the gift card and try again. If you still face the same problem please contact us by e-mail at or our phone customer service at 2810346305.

* You cannot return the gift card and you can use it to buy products from the cost of your gift card or more.

* If your gift card is stolen, deleted or send to wrong e-mail address we cannot replace it.