Reward points

Get a bonus of 10% of your previous order!

With every euro you buy from our e-shop, you earn a point you can redeem on your next purchase.
All you need is to be a registered user to log into your account and manage your earned points.
The collection of points is by buying products, you cannot collect points from shipping cost.
Redemption of points is by buying products, the shipping cost is not redeemable by points.

If your purchase is 50€ you have to collect 50 points, the next purchase you supposed will be 35€ and want to redeem your points reaching the fund will look to "request total" the total number of points, in our case 50, type in the 50 if you want to redeem them all and choose apply will show you the new total of your order is 30€ (below you can see the steps).*Shipping cost added accordingly.
Now the 30€ is 30 points that you can redeem them in your next order.
Points are in your account and will be in use after the settlement, in case of C.O.D after receiving your order.

If you log in to your account click "My Points" can see in detail the points you have collected as well as the points you have redeemed.