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Sprayground was started in 2010 by New York designer David Ben David. More futurist, than designer, DBD’s main focus is to create the ultimate bag that is progressive and artistic.
Originally created as a backpack company designed for street artists to easily transport spraycans, Sprayground has now evolved into a collection of original designs created by DBD and Friends. Growing up in Miami skateboarding and sur­ng, DBD was always inspired by street art and luxury fashion. As a kid DBD was always on the go and would regularly pack his whole life in his backpack, so it only made sense when he started an art inspired backpack line years later.
Not only did DBD want to create expressive backpacks, but he also put a lot of focus into the construction of the backpacks. Sprayground backpacks are constructed to be extremely functional and comfortable for those who are on the go!
Sprayground has pushed the needle with a cut throat concept and broke through the hurdles to establish its name as an iconic bag brand that has seen tremendous growth, worn by the most in‑uential celebrities and tastemakers, featured on international media outlets, sold in some of the worlds best boutiques and now sold in over 30 countries around the world. We are thankful to our customers and their support. We strive to bring a product to the market that will never stop innovating...for progression is the key to success! -DavidBenDavid